About us

About us

We are a Peruvian-Japanese Travel Agency. Upon her visit to Peru in 1998, the founder, KAORI KURASHIMA, was astonished by the beautiful landscapes of the Cordilleras Blanca and Huayhuash. From that visit was born the idea to form a travel agency and promote future visits to these interesting places. In 1999, Kaori Tours began offering adventure trips in Huaraz, Peru, the Cordilleras Blanca and Huayhuash having as our first objective: “Customer Satisfaction.”

Different from other travel agencies in the area, we have accreditation given by MINCETUR (Regional Government of Foreign Trade and Tourism), Authorization given by the Municipal Government of Huaraz, and Accreditation to the National Park Huascaran. These papers accredit us as a legitimate and responsible Travel Agency in Huaraz, capital of Adventure Sports in South America.

Our trips

Each of these adventure activities: trekking, mountaineering, rock and ice climbing require a certain degree of responsibility. For that reason we reccomend seeking guides with adequate experience, technical skills and logistical equipment.

KOARI Adventure has always taken into consideration these details. Our trips are arranged with the participation and suggestions of our customers, and in order to ensure all the details of the trip before leaving, we always coordinate with our personnel to answer any doubts that customers could have about their trip.

The programs and suggested itineraries shown in our website are flexible, and can be modified according to our customers needs, such as: timing, start and return points of the circuits in trekking. In the case of mountaineering the routes are chosen according to client´s mountaineering skills and interests.

For the organization to carry out these adventures, we have well trained personnel with many years of experience. Our Mountain and Trekking Guides are professionals who speak more than two languages; our Mountain Assistants: Cooks, Porters, Muleteers and Camp guards in addition to many years of experience, have taken courses in customer service and wilderness first aid. The Logistics are another vital component of our trips. We have first class busses for the transfers; high quality camping and mountaineering equipment, two-person tents, dining and kitchen tents, special kitchen services for expeditions in the cordilleras, First Aid kits, Etc.

Our team

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